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Great American Game Show is just like the game shows on television with all of the lighting, backgrounds, bells, buzzers and whistles. This is a fast paced host narrated game show with question categories ranging from a variety of topics and incorporating audio clips from situations and events taken from  movies, speeches of famous people, commercial clips and so on. In this game we invite four contestants to the podiums. The contestant who is the quickest to hit the lockout button gets to answer first. Points are assigned to each question and contestant's score points for each correct answer. No one can predict the winner until they actually are. The person with the highest score WINS!

There are several options for you to be able to customize the questions for your particular purposes. These can be as simple as the products or services you are providing all the way up to the name of the president’s children. Prizes are then awarded to the winner. As with all of our game shows we ensure that they move at a fast pace to keep the excitement level at it’s maximum and everyone interested and entertained. We have many different types of questions tailored to the age of the contestants. This game show is designed to be fun and exciting for all ages. The excitement level generated by audience participation is amazing.

The type of game show is also customizable by you. We offer the Game Show Mania with four contestant stands and a host stand, as well as computer controlled games such as Game Show Jeopardy, and Family Fun Feud. The computer games incorporate a large screen projection showing scoring values and in some cases video questions.

Game Show can be added to any DJ Service.